Introducing CircleOf

Igniting humanity’s capacity to help one another. 

We give families, friends, colleagues, and companies the power to build communities of care around those in need.

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Introducing CircleOf

CircleOf is a digital health app that helps caregivers and patients organize and mobilize their family, friends, and co-workers into an on-demand care community, allowing anyone at anytime to create a connected community of care.

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CircleOf builds communities of care around those in need.

At some point it may be necessary to care for a sick friend or loved one. When that time comes CircleOf provides essential tools.

CircleOf for Those in Need

Privately share, connect and organize care. 

CircleOf has streamlined tools for easy care team collaboration and coordination.


Create care, volunteer or information sharing teams in seconds with friends, family, or community groups. CircleOf is the perfect tool for caregivers, teams, and organizations. 

Connect and Share

Connect and share one-on-one or with a group. Share information and content. Foster engagement and communicate privately to stay informed.


Manage and keep track of appointments, meetings and events. Request offers of assistance through your personal care marketplace.

CircleOf App

Tools to connect, engage, inform, and share privately.

Care Portal

Provide access to family help, employer benefits and colleague support groups all in one place. Connect people in need with people who care.

Benefits Awareness

Access and deliver condition specific employer benefits and resources. Educate and inform, privately and directly.

Holistic Analytics

Identify employees in need. Supply digital tools for their support. Target benefits and information to those in need and manage the overall health of your organization.

Care Marketplace

A suite of connected services from companies and name brands to partner with for all caregiving needs.

Care Marketplace + Crowdsourced Care.

Match an employees needs with offers of assistance and information. Manage company benefits, logistical care coordination, products and services, and peer to peer communication or information sharing.

CircleOf is Crowdsourced Care

CircleOf Workplace

Igniting Your Company’s Culture of Care.

CircleOf helps companies support their employee caregivers and is a powerful partner in the management of healthcare costs. Keep your employee population healthy by providing caregiver tools that target benefits and support resources to increase engagement, allowing your company to attract and retain the best people.


Provide a work-life benefit to employees. Support and engage employees with the demands of caregiving, volunteerism, and group involvement.


Target communication about benefits and information directly to employees who need support. Foster awareness of options and resources. Enhance productivity, and reduce absenteeism.


Create greater insight into the health of your organization. Pinpoint inefficiencies, and precisely dial in the management of company-wide healthcare costs and initiatives. Measure the health of your organization.

CircleOf Social Caregiving Graph

Building the Social Caregiving Graph.

CircleOf provides a streamlined solution for building and sustaining your organization's culture of care. By connecting company sponsored groups, with informal affinity groups and personal family teams, CircleOf offers a holistic approach to caregiving.

Meet the CircleOf team.

Born from Cisco's Hyper Innovation Living Lab, CircleOf has the backing of both Cisco and Community Health Network.

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