CircleOf for Caregivers

Activate and organize your support community. Use CircleOf as your primary tool for organizing help and care with friends, family, colleagues and your community during a time of need. Connect and communicate in a private, ad-free space with the people in your life who want to help. Easily form a community of care for a loved one, friend, or colleague in need.

Create care teams, connect groups and individuals. Share news and updates one-on-one or broadcast to your entire team. Use CircleOf to connect offers of help with people in need. Manage appointments, share calendars, request or offer assistance, share resources, and information with your care team.

Organize fundraisers, meal trains, transportation, office visits, home care, and various care tasks. CircleOf is both a resource and powerful, social communication tool – allowing anyone at anytime to create a connected community of care to rally your family and friends for support.